Timeline of Recent Events

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Our world began roughly in the midst of the Shadowrun storyline involving the great Halley's Comet which culminated in the event commonly referred to as the Surge. We liked the idea of the Surge, but we have our own reasons for its occurance and our own events that led up to the great event. So, for the purposes of this timeline, we will begin where our alternate reality branched away from the canon storyline.


  • In the latter half of the year, Morgan Evans moves to Seattle from New York, confronts the vampire, Joscelyn, and eventually is hired on as her personal assistant/decker.
  • A young lawyer, Conall Evans, is retained to represent Sierra Merrifield against accusations that she murdered her family in order to inherit their moderately successful magical research firm.


  • A team under Dominic Reinhardt forms, including one fugitive genetically-altered super-soldier, DZ, a Night One physical adept, Jay, and a mysterious elven mage from Tir Tangaire, Declan.